First Steps

March 30, 2020 Strange to be living through a moment in a time when it is not clear who is carrying a disease that is so readily transmitted. Every day we take walks in our semi-rural, semi—suburban neighborhood, 2-3-4 miles at a time, and we are more mindful of avoiding any of the people we come up upon than of quietly observing the beauty of a spring season in its early stages. Such is the nature of mindfulness these days. When I tell my friends my self-imposed rules about maintaining social distance and virtual isolation in the house they seem to think – or I think they think I am – being overly cautious. Yet my wife means all-to-well in constantly having to remind me about not getting too close to folks on the other side of the 12-foot wide bike path I or street. I would feel more comfortable if I knew that at the national level we were under some proper version of a long-term plan. I do not blame President Trump for the virulence of the Corona  Virus. But I do attribute to him the most noxious levels of blame and anger at the incompetence, venality, corruption,...Read more